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Chattanooga Leather Works was created behind the concept of bringing modern leather craftsmanship combined with a classic look to the blade industry. 
Using the design expertise of RMJ Tactical's founder, Ryan M. Johnson, Chattanooga Leather Works designed one of the first kydex/leather hybrid sheaths. This carry option gives its users the retention properties of Kydex and the quiet, timeless feel of leather. 

We are currently the manufacturer for all of RMJ Tactical's leather sheaths as well as selected sheaths for other companies and artists. Chattanooga Leather Works is also stepping into the limitless world of every day carry designs for outdoors enthusiasts as well as attractive functional products made for everyone. Join us on this journey as we grow and provide exceptional leather products worldwide. 

Chattanooga, TN has a rich history of leather working including several saddle shops that sold to settlers moving west. There are still two large saddle companies in the area today. 
Leather is and always will be synonymous with style, and it also gives its user a classic feel that is timeless and durable.

Check out the Chattanooga Leather Works website to see more awesome products!


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