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Things To Consider When Investing In A Tomahawk: Part 4

In the previous article we reviewed how topics 5-8 can and should play a role in deciding which tomahawk warrants your investment. In this segment we will give you more insight into what you should possibly consider when investing in a tomahawk. Factors such as the quality of the tool, the design, construction, durability, weight, [...]

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Thank Goodness for Daniel Winkler, Spartan Blades and Tom Krien

(Author’s note: I wrote this article in a bit of a haze. I’m sick and while the concepts are legitimate the writing is poor. Please accept my apologies for this. – RMJ)In Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, steel innovator and tycoon Hank Rearden laments the fact that he has no “worthy competitor”. With such a man [...]

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Things to Consider When Investing in a Tomahawk: Part 3

In the last article we discussed how topics 1-4 can, and should, play a role in deciding which tomahawk warrants your investment. In this article we will cover the next four things to consider before you lay down your cash. As we stated before, these are simply suggestions to help you pick the right tool. [...]

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Charity vs. Investment

For years I've been a closet Ayn Rand fan. Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead were life changing books for me.One concept Rand changed for me was the idea of altruism. She is not a fan. I have adopted a similar view. The problem I see is that modern culture confuses charity with investment and a [...]

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Feature Creep

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."-Leonardo Da VinciI grew up in a house without a remote control. When I came home from school I watched my shows - Bugs Bunny, Kung Fu, and Grizzly Adams. When it was time to change the channel or volume I would hop up off the couch and manually change the [...]

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Glass Breakers

Several years ago a designer from a much larger tactical company came by my booth at a show to look at our  tomahawks. While he had not designed any hawks himself, he had lots of critiques and design advice for me - he sort of saw himself as God's gift to engineering.After issuing his critiques [...]

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Things to Consider When Investing in a Tomahawk: Part 2

The last article we had published was a simple list of what you may want to consider when you want to invest in a tomahawk. In part two of this series we will break down the first 4 things we suggested. 1. Will you be using it in an urban or wilderness setting? 2. Will [...]

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Things to Consider When Investing in a Tomahawk

These are some of the key things the team here at RMJ Tactical feels you should consider when you are looking to invest in a tomahawk. Of course not everybody needs to consider such an extensive list, but others may need to ask even more of the tomahawk they intend on investing in “Because life rarely gives do-overs”.What, Where, [...]

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But They Are Not Really Warfighters

“But they are not really warfighters.”It is a phrase I’ve heard too many times over the last decade or so. It is always in reference to my policy concerning discounting and expediting orders to ALL military, Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue/EMT personnel. Sometimes it comes from the real door kickers – but usually they have enough sense to know better. No, [...]

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Availability of RMJ Tactical's Copper Cuff Bracelets

We often are asked if certain pieces of our jewelry are ever going to be offered again. The answer is yes. If Ryan has made it in the past it will be made again.But, since Ryan hand forges them at his forge during his spare (non kiddo infuesed) time, it's a lot like lightning. We [...]

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