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Yes, Lumberjacks Are Real and They're Making a Comeback

Yes, lumberjacks are real, and yes they often wear flannel, suspenders, hunter green pants and boots. It may seem ironic that bushcraft (wilderness skills) and lumberjacks are making a comeback -- and a strong one at that -- especially in today's modern era chock full of smart devices that know our own habits better than we [...]

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What Really Makes a Tactical Knife Tactical and What Are They Actually Used For?

The term "tactical" has become a buzz word of sorts over the course of the last decade, as interest in law enforcement, military, and wildness survival practices has continued to increase (thank you reality television). However, just because the word "tactical" precedes a piece of gear, such as a knife or tomahawk axe, doesn't mean [...]

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What Features Make A Folding Knife Tactical?

Over the course of the past few years, sales of tactical folding knives have significantly increased. It's quite rare to find a knife manufacturer or retailer who doesn't offer a line of knives that falls into this category. However, there are still a number of questions surrounding the sale and use of tactical folding knives. What [...]

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Bushido Bracelets

We will braid a few but I recommend people braid their own for the best fit. Being the kid that ran around the woods with a samurai sword strapped to his back...this was just a bracelet I had to make!

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Lanyard Fobs

We are working on finishing out our new lanyard fobs! We are hoping to have these available to purchase in a couple of weeks.

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"Deliver Us From Evil" Trailer

Our Shrike tomahawk is featured in this movie and can even be seen in the trailer here. It comes out in theaters July 2. 

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Display Only Tomahawks

We have shipped out some tomahawks in the past, with "DISPLAY ONLY" on them. These were to be used for demonstrations, movies/shows, displays, etc. They were never intended to be used - this is why.-They were used while testing our new heat-treating process last year and do not meet our specifications-They are not the quality [...]

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We've got a few VIP passes for the Blade Show! Call or email us with your address and we will send it to you. They are $15.00 (for all 3 Days) versus $35.00/3 Day admission. Plus you get Early Bird admission on Friday! Toll Free 866-779-6922 or contact@rmjtactical.com.

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Valhalla Bracelets, Other Jewelry

We know you guys are anxiously awaiting the Valhalla bracelets! We are working on them, and should have them available to order within a couple of weeks.We are also working on the titanium Shield pendants and the Molon Labe bracelets to cover the backorders. We are hoping to start shipping those out soon! Let us know [...]

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