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A Good Rifle and Tomahawk

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Photo from page 8 of the “Collector’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution”.

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A good gun. Proper ammunition and maintenance tools for that gun. A good knife. A good tomahawk or hatchet. Proper hydration.

Some things just don't change.

The list above was good advice during the American Revolution and it's solid advice now.

Some Modern Patriots still carry these items. In the 1700's the knife and tomahawk paired well as tools for the wilderness, camp, tools for dressing game and as weapons. They still serve these purposes, but with a new important addition: Breaching.

Most people relegate breaching in their minds to Entry Teams blowing doors and using rams.

This way of thinking is not unlike the thoughts on Active Shooter response before the Columbine shootings, where waiting on the SWAT team cost lives. Or the thoughts on LEO breaching before the Virginia Tech shooting where the shooter chained the internal doors. Responding officers didn't have the equipment or knowledge to get through those doors and had to find an alternate route. Burning time.

Every shooter "Moves to Contact". To shoot you must "Be on Target".

Because the modern battlespace is more often than not urban areas and buildings, breaching naturally becomes a component of moving to target. You breach to move forward.

A tomahawk like the Shrike is an easy to carry, light weight, small footprint tool that can help you with the kinds of light breaching a shooter encounters most. Need to break a chain? Bust a lock? Rake glass from a window? A tomahawk allows you to do these things without risking damage to you or your primary weapon. Yes you can manhandle stuff, yes you can rake a window with your barrel. But you do these things at the risk of taking yourself or your weapon out of the fight.

The right tool for the right job.

Thinking like this is more important than ever. Life as we know it is not sustainable and we face a war more likely than not fought at home.

Like the frontier men and women of 230 years ago, we must be prepared to fight in a brave and rugged future.

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