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But They Are Not Really Warfighters

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“But they are not really warfighters.”

It is a phrase I’ve heard too many times over the last decade or so. It is always in reference to my policy concerning discounting and expediting orders to ALL military, Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue/EMT personnel. Sometimes it comes from the real door kickers – but usually they have enough sense to know better. No, it usually comes from guys who don’t understand where this war is headed.

Yesterday an attack happened in our hometown. Howclose was it? Both sites were just a few miles from our shop. Richard and I visited the office where the Marines died just a few years ago before the reserves deployed to Iraq. The shooter graduated from the college where I teach. While I don’t remember him I very likely passed him in the hallways and possibly worked with him on projects. He lived about three miles from my personal shop.

“I was through with the War, but the War was not through with me.” This was spoken to me about a year ago from a friend who has been active in counterterrorism over the last ten years. It was after he predicted this type of shooting, it was the same week another person in that field recommended we remove all military stickers from our cars and change the signage on the door of our shop. They said this type of warfare was headed to our soil – it was just a matter of time.

Like my friend – our nation may be tired of war and through with war – but the war is not through with us. And as the war moves to my hometown and your hometown the tip of the spear may not be Green Berets or NSWG but your Sherriff Department, your local EMTs or maybe even you. What we think of as “Warfighter” had better change.

Yesterday the warfighters were recruiters, reservists and cops. Our thoughts are with their families.

Thank you for your support and stay vigilant.

Ryan M. Johnson

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