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RMJ Tactical From The Inside.

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I am a Brazilian guy that was born in Sao Paulo. For who does not know, Sao Paulo is a huge NY without its glamour. The traffic is crazy; there is a lot of entertainment but not many outdoor activities unless you travel to country sides. So, basically, the only knife that I needed to use on a daily basis was a butter knife. We just did not need many tactical weapons in the city, and the laws on guns are different over there.

When I received the news that I would be able to work for RMJ Tactical this summer, I was happy! Their products look amazing, but I did not know what to expect. I just knew I would have to learn a lot more about the customers of this kind of business since I would be in communications and production.

It would not be a surprise to me if I felt like a fish out of the tank. Actually, I was expecting that.

Since RMJ is a manufacturer and retailer, I thought that I would find a place in which every employee takes care of his or her own functions. A place that tries to produce as much as possible to increase revenues, and an environment with not much talking since everyone has to focus on completing more products to be able to have higher sales.

Also, I thought that when employees had conversations, it would always be about weapons that I have never seen or heard.

I am pleased to say that I was wrong in every assumption!

What Did I Find At RMJ?

I was constantly surprised.

- First of all, I found people that are extremely passionate about what they do. Employees that care about the company, employees that care about the quality of each product, and also take the purpose of producing each tool seriously. Profits definitely do not drive them nearly as much as passion does.

- Even though most employees have a central function, most of them could take on uncountable other tasks with extreme competence. It was clear to me that working at RMJ was an extension of their lifestyle and not a simple job.

I was also wrong about the talking. There is a lot more interaction than I thought. Everyone made me feel welcomed and valued even when they noticed I did not understand anything at all. There is a real sense of working as a team, or even as a family when you observe the relationship among long-term employees. It feels nice!

After noticing that, I started to understand why RMJ's products look great and perform really well. There are pride and joy in the making.

- Another thing that called my attention was the encouragement of creativity. I thought that the RMJ leadership would tell employees to focus on producing the best sellers, but where is the fun in that?

Everyone is constantly brainstorming new designs, and that applies to everything, from tomahawks to leather products to communication efforts. There is a great support for new ideas at RMJ. It is about the art of crafting and not about what comes as a result of it.

In summary, A city boy that did not do much hiking, camping, rescuing, or hunting in Brazil loved working at such an energizing tomahawk manufacturer in the US. Now I understand a lot of more of the joy from helping the military, from being empowered with such potent tools, and from being able to feel confident when I am outside hiking. Yes, I started to hike because of the RMJ guys.

Thanks for everything RMJ Tactical. Now I know that excellence is something cultivated in everything from within. See you guys soon.

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