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Things to Consider When Investing in a Tomahawk: Part 3

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In the last article we discussed how topics 1-4 can, and should, play a role in deciding which tomahawk warrants your investment. In this article we will cover the next four things to consider before you lay down your cash. As we stated before, these are simply suggestions to help you pick the right tool. At the end of the day it comes down to what you believe will best meet your wants and needs.

Your intended use has been previously discussed but let’s take to a little more specific level. For example, are you going to be using your tomahawk for woodcraft types of things or will it be mainly used for breaking into things such as you would in a rescue situation? Perhaps you might be using it in a CQB/CQC or defense situation or possibly for survival in the wild. Again we want you to consider what the possible results of the gear failure. Will the tomahawk be used for a single use or multiple uses?

Now ideally you should be able to use a tomahawk across a broad spectrum of applications. some examples might be a little of both breaking and entering, and also different types of woodcraft. Yes all of the tomahawks that we build can cut through wood and most can chop off a tree branch, and etc., but they may not be the most efficient for your specific tasks. Most of our hawks can breach doors or break a lock, but some are built with that type of task more specifically in mind. While our Berserker could break locks or breach doors, it will do wood craft things much better and the opposite is true with the Shrike model. It was designed as more of a breaching tool, but can be used to cut branches and do other woodcraft stuff. I use my Shrike out in the woods all of the time.

If you were going to be using it in a defense situation vs a survival situation then you may want to think about the damage you could do to the attacker and the amount of time it takes to deploy it. Of course in those types of situations it it better to be fast and do the most damage you can in the shortest amount of time. However in a survival situation having something that was a slower to deploy but maybe had more woodworking features instead of combat and breaching features may suit you better.

As always we want to reiterate the importance of having a piece of gear that will never fail you. You don’t want to be out and about regardless of where you are and have potentially the most important tool you have fail at the most critical time. Most people will be best fitted with something that is a multi use tool. Why carry multiple tools and add lots of weight when you can carry just one or two tools? Luckily for us, the RMJ Tomahawks are built to be multi tools while still being designed and built with specific primary tasks in mind. They are designed and manufactured to the absolute highest quality standards possible to be a single tool with multiple purposes.

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