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What Features Make A Folding Knife Tactical?

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tactical folding knives

Over the course of the past few years, sales of tactical folding knives have significantly increased. It's quite rare to find a knife manufacturer or retailer who doesn't offer a line of knives that falls into this category. However, there are still a number of questions surrounding the sale and use of tactical folding knives.

What exactly makes a knife "tactical"? What are they used for? Where can you buy tactical knives?

For starters, these knives do not look like your grandfather's pocket knife. Even small tactical knives have features not found on ordinary pocketknives. In generations past, pocketknives featured thin, yet extremely sharp blades, and typically include more than one folding blade in the handle. Wood was the material of choice, used to make the handle; sometimes ivory or animal horn was used as a decorative feature for aesthetic purposes.

Fast forward to the present, and tactical knives of all sizes, including tactical pocket knives, feature a single, thick blade with aggressive serrations and ergonomically designed grips made to properly fit the user's hand. These knives aren't designed to look pretty, but rather to be functional, which illustrates the tactical trend that has become increasingly popular over the last decade.

However, aggressive-looking features such as blackened blades and grips made of raw metal do not constitute a tactical folding knife by any means. In fact, many of the scariest and most aggressive looking knife designs aren't tactical at all, but rather are used as decorative items or for use in fantasy costume play and serve no functional purpose.

Though there are tactical fighting knives, the majority of tactical folding knives are not used for combat at all. Rather, tactical knives are versatile tools that can be used for a number of purposes. Used mostly by law enforcement and military personnel, they can be used for utility-related tasks such as cutting thick rope or material, in emergencies, and even as a breach and entry tools for locksmiths or law enforcement.

Depending on the owner's specific needs or job requirements, it may even be necessary to carry a variety of tactical folding knives. For example, fixed blades with no moving components are used for different purposes such as prying, cutting, or chopping because they are inherently stronger. However, most law enforcement professionals that carry fixed blades also carry folding knives for other tasks.

There are a number of retailers and manufacturers online that sell tactical knives as well as other tactical tools and accessories, such as tomahawks and vests. These retailers are experienced, and are able to guide consumers as to the best tool needed to get the job done right.

In addition to tactical knives, tomahawks are widely used by law enforcement, such as SWAT teams and military personnel. Similar in design to a hatchet, tomahawks are a specific kind of axe that originated in North America. They were general purpose tools used by Native Americans and then later by European settlers.

It's easy to see why these tools have become so popular. Once regarded as combat weapons, these knives are now being used to save lives. Perhaps it's time to add a tactical knife to your tool kit.

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