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Yes, Lumberjacks Are Real and They're Making a Comeback

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top tomahawks for saleYes, lumberjacks are real, and yes they often wear flannel, suspenders, hunter green pants and boots.

It may seem ironic that bushcraft (wilderness skills) and lumberjacks are making a comeback -- and a strong one at that -- especially in today's modern era chock full of smart devices that know our own habits better than we do. However, technology itself is driving the movement. Not only have reality television shows that depict a rustic lifestyle popularized the movement, but many people view a more natural lifestyle as a welcome break compared to the digital age.

The nearly all women lumberjack team at the Bay Area's UC Berkeley view lumberjacking as a way to not only reduce stress, but get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. "This is like a calming thing," said logger Jennifer Zeni. "It's a great way, especially because we are at Berkeley, we live in the city, this is a great way to get out in the country while still going to school in the city."

In addition to sawing, tree climbing, and watersports such as burling, modern day lumberjacks also honor the art of tomahawk axe throwing, a sport rooted in Native American tradition that pays homage to the tomahawk's origin.

While most people are familiar with combat tomahawks or fighting tomahawks, today's modern tomahawks are used as multi-purpose tools by law enforcement officers and military personnel. Tactical tomahawks are also excellent tools for bushcraft, as well as for a variety of other tasks. The  top tomahawks for sale used by these professionals are handmade and crafted from durable, high-quality materials.

The top tomahawks for sale mimic the original Native American design, but are customized for different purposes. For example, a tomahawk used by an outdoor enthusiast for chopping will differ from one used by a soldier for breaching and prying.

While the future role of bushcraft and lumberjacking in today's modern society seems bright, one thing is for certain; the top tomahawks for sale have made a cut in the digital era.

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